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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Fairy Tale is Over

I have been avoiding this place and all of you for awhile now.

A couple weeks ago Oliver called it quits on us. Everything was beautiful up until the moment it ended and Im still pretty confused.

I picked up my boys and moved back to the city... and my moms house, to try to pick up the pieces.

Its not something Ive really delt with completely yet.

But since this blog was about my epic love story with Oliver, I cant keep it.

Im starting over again with my boys and I have to blog someplace that doesnt contain all of the love I miss.

So Im starting someplace else. As someone else, the real me, and Im going to try to find my way through all of this mess.

If you've stuck around this long I hope you'll think about following me when I make the big move because well.... I really like you people.

So this is it folks. Green Acres Bliss is no more. It was wonderful but I put all my proverbial eggs in one basket. Live and learn right?

I'm headed over to
Join me?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pure Michigan

Its a spoof on the Pure Michigan commercials but this is about Saugatuck and it actually IS positive... for the most part.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Slow Day on the Farm

Thank Heavens.


On such a quiet day there is actually nothing to blog about. No crazy shenanigans. No mildly insane bahavior. No interuptions to this blog post with things like "NO PLAYING IN THE TOILET!" and "STOP USING THE DOG LIKE A RECLINER AND THE CAT LIKE A SCARF!"

Planning my little sisters baby shower inspired me to rummage through my pictures from my last trip down to Louisiana to visit her. It really is a beautiful state once you look past alot of the redneck, run down junk.
Anyways, I found this in my step sisters album from the trip.

I dont remember this picture but it inspired me to sit down and make this.

I love it.

Mom came over yesterday for coffee. She said the day before my sisters baby shower she will come over at 7am to help me clean and decorate. "Clean and decorate" is actually code for "hide as much crap as possible and decorate over/in front of anything else". Im glad she understands that panicked look in my eye when we talk about 20 people coming over.

JR sat down next to me today and said,
"Youre drinking your happy coffee mommy? To make you happy?"

My 2 year old understands what so many adults dont. Dont mess with me before my "happy coffee".

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fathers Day

He might not be perfect but he makes beautiful metal jewlery, and plays the guitar wonderfully, and hes nice.
And he and Oliver are so similar in so many ways. Not just physical ways.

And he made us some amazing chicken and sausage gumbo. Im thinking about eating it for lunch.

It was a good evening. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. He gave Oliver a ring that he is actually wearing(hes not a jewlery guy), and he tried to give me one but I have the smallest fingers ever so nothing even came close to fitting any of my fingers.

We'll see him again at some point before he goes home. He would like Oliver to meet some aunts and other family.

I think it was a success overall. Oliver and I didnt say much on the way home from dropping him off.

He just leaned over, took my hand, rested it on his lips and said,
"If you were a book, Id read at least 600 pages of you. And I know you would be at least a 750 page book."

He always knows just what to say.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy List


1. Oliver is meeting his birth father today. Its taken almost 41 years. He just left to go pick him up in town and bring him back to our house to spend the day with us. They are going to play music together and watch the Saints playoff game.

2. It has stopped snowing and the sun came out and its BEA-UTIFUL outside. Im sitting inside watching the snow drop off the branches.Its winter is Michigan and any day you are forced to wear your sunglasses out of the house is a special day. Im going to soak it up.

3. I might take Oliver(and his Father?) out tonight to see a band in Saugatuck recommended by Jax.

4. Im going to go visit my momma today. Shes the best. No really, you would think so to. I think she might be baking cookies. Score!

5. Lastly, I made some adorable cards to include with any purchase from my Etsy Shop. I'm pretty proud of the style and eco-friendly-ness of them.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The weather outside is frightful

No improvement in the weather today, in fact its worse than yesterday. I made a conscious choice to stop talking to the animals though. Thats a good sign.

I may brave the weather to dig myself out to get the mail and visit the craft store. I have no idea what the roads are like beyond the end of my driveway but I saw our road is covered in packed snow, which really is nothing new.
This might also mean that I might put on makeup for the first time in days. I started Proactive and because of this I have tried to abstain for makeup in an effort to let the Proactive do whatever it does. Usually my face gets super dry when I wash it, especially in the winter. Since using the Proactive its been oily. Oily like I havent washed my face all day. I wont be reordering it. I havent seen much of an improvement in the last couple weeks. I'll just go buy some good quality facewash and maybe new makeup.
Its been a source of constant frustration because its so new to me.

Oliver and I have big plans tonight. Hes going to finish reading his book(only 300 pages left), and Im crawling into my snuggie to craft and watch it snow sideways.

The view of the barn from the house today

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One of those days?

Maybe its cabin fever and insanity slowly setting in?

I dont know but I spent my day having a running conversation with myself, no one, the dog, and various inanimate object around the house.

You're wondering what we were talking about?

Oh you know, the dead birds dropping out of the sky down south, the digital camera, how cold my feet were. Normal stuff to be wandering around mumbling about.

At once point this afternoon, Oliver looked up from his reading and called "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" as I sat in the next room talking sewing with Jasper.... the cat.

"NOTHING" I yelled back and turned to Jasper again, "He'd think I was a nut if he knew I was talking to you." And I kept right on going with our sewing conversation.

The big joke is that pathetic single women sit home and talk to their cats. Im not single.
And I wasnt home alone.

I hope the weather improves or I fear this "talking to myself" thing could get out of hand.
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